Reading for Pleasure

Transforming your school's reading culture (TSRC) 

Evidence-based leadership CPD for primary English Leads 

The TSRC programme is a sustained, research based CPD programme aimed at primary English Leads. During the course of the programme participants will engage deeply with reading for pleasure pedagogy and leadership theory to transform their school’s reading culture. Participants will attend 5 sessions and complete gap tasks in between sessions.  Those who commit will be expected to attend all sessions. 


Programme Aims: 

  • Understand the research underpinning RfP practice and pedagogy 
  • Widen knowledge of children’s literature
  • Transform whole school reading culture in your school  
  • Develop the leadership skills to initiate and sustain change 
  • Become advocates for RfP and share experiences and best practice 



Reflecting Realities 

We are thrilled to be part of this 3 year project with CLPE with 10 of our schools which is based on the specific needs of key stage 2 classrooms with a focus to improve teacher knowledge and confidence and enhance pupil engagement.  
Working with authors, poets and illustrators from traditionally underrepresented groups in current children’s literature this is already proving an inspirational project for teachers and pupils.  
We look forward to sharing the impact of this work in the coming months. 
This research project is designed and delivered by CLPE to explore how to effectively support teachers to:  

  • develop their knowledge of what constitutes quality inclusive and representative literature;  
  • enhance their knowledge of a range of authors of colour and consider how engagement with strong writing role models can support schools in developing their literacy provision;  
  • cultivate the tools to equip children to be able to be critically reflective when engaging with literature as outlined in the grant agreement with Paul Hamlyn Foundation under their Arts Based Learning Fund.  

To find out more about the Reflecting Realities report from CLPE here.